The Vegan Dairy Fair is a celebration and showcase of all the plant-based milks, cheeses, ice creams, yogurts, butters, dips, dressings, snacks and confections we can choose from nowadays thanks to so many innovations on the part of food production companies as well as professional and home chefs in response to an ever-growing consumer demand. Held in Colorado in May to honor mothers of all species, the Vegan Dairy Fair showcases the many plant-based options while raising awareness as to why these choices are important. The Vegan Dairy Fair is an all-volunteer educational project committed to keeping the event admission-free and open to the public. Make a virtual visit to the 2018 fair.

Why have we chosen the phrase “Vegan Dairy” to refer to these plant-based alternatives? We believe our reasons are well expressed in an interview with a true revolutionary in the industry:
“We want to really drive the conversation about what exactly constitutes a ‘dairy’ product in the future. There may come a time when all dairy products come from plants and at that point, you could ask are they really ‘dairy free’ or are they the new dairy?”
Miyoko Schinner, Founder, Miyoko’s Creamery