A Totally Plant-based Celebration

Ice Cream Workshop July 8 2017

Ice Cream Workshop July 8 2017

Thanks, Tori, for some great pics of a fun afternoon.

Chocolate Hazelnut: Just Hazelnut, Cocoa and Bananas
Cocoa powder can be substituted for the raw cacao and you can increase the amount for a richer chocolate flavor.

Avocado Lime Ice Cream – Creamy Avocados, Lime and Sugar (or sweetener of your choice)
Very Refreshing!

Chocolate Macadamia Ice Cream – Incredibly rich!

Vanilla Oatmeal Ice Cream – You’d never guess that healthy staple is the base for this dessert.

Bailey’s Irish Ice Cream – Yay for Vegan Bailey’s! This is a real treat.

Nectarine Ice Cream – This one comes from the book, The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler Del Torro

Watermelon Kiwi Popscicles – Make these attractive treats with vegan vanilla yogurt

2 Caramel Sauces: 3 Ingredient and 5 Minute