A Totally Plant-based Celebration

It’s About the Animals!

It’s About the Animals!

They don’t just provided lifelong sanctuary for hundreds of animals, they advocate for all animals with their unequivocal vegan outreach. As they came to know the stories of all the animals that came to the sanctuary, many from small-scale family farms and urban backyards, they realized there was void in the existing literature that told of the miserable life of farmed animals. It all focused on large-scale, industrial “factory farming”, but they knew that every animal that suffered and died for a fleeting taste was one too many. So they set out to produce a body of poignant literature and evocative images that detail the inherent cruelty in all animal farming including so-called “humane” meat and dairy as well as free-range, cage-free, organic and backyard eggs. All of it can be found and downloaded for free at the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary website. Representatives of the sanctuary will be staffing a table at the fair and sharing their literature as well as the stories of sanctuary residents and vital information about the treatment of animals in egg and dairy production. 

Some of their most important work:

The “Milk Comes From a Grieving Mother” campaign literature is available in the form of fact-filled flyers and posters. There are also flyers that have been translated into Spanish, French and Greek. The campaign has been featured on billboards where it could be seen in several high profile locations in and around downtown Denver.


With the ever-growing popularity of keeping backyard chickens for their eggs, “What’s Wrong with Backyard Eggs” is needed more than ever. It may seem innocuous, but while the cruelty involved may not be readily apparent, its existence is undeniable. This eye-opening brochure will make you think about what lies beneath the surface of a practice that appears so benign.

A comprehensive look at the myth can be found in the booklet “Humane Farming? Take a Closer Look“.

Don’t miss the slideshows and signature billboards which can be printed as posters or affixed to the bottom of your email messages. Here are just a few, but there are so many more.